Dine Out With Your Family In Antioch Tennessee

Here is another great round of Antioch restaurants for you to consider. In the first article, I told you about a pizza place, a bakery and another wonderful dining establishment in the area. Guess what, this piece is going to feature a popular bakery as well. And I’m going to cover a total of four of the best restaurants in Antioch out of 68 possible choices.

Home Style Bakery is the bakery that I wanted to mention, and its address is 2709 Murfreesboro Road. Cookies, cakes and more await you if you visit Home Style Bakery. People talk about the custom cakes there, so you know it’s a great place to order up a birthday cake or a cake for any special occasion. It’s not a restaurant, but it’s one of the best places to get desserts in Antioch.

Fat Boys BBQ is also on Murfreesboro Pike. Is there a difference between Murfreesboro Pike and Murfreesboro Road? I lived in the Boro for almost 6 years, and I don’t know the answer to that question. I am very familiar with Murfreesboro Road though. Fat Boys BBQ makes for a wonderful stop. You’re talking about pulled chicken, fried okra, wings and more. And yes, it’s a hole in the wall barbecue place, which makes it all the more special.

Acapulco Burrito Mexican Restaurant is also a really cool place to stop by. To get to this restaurant, you make your way to Old Hickory Boulevard. Reviews talk about the place serving up some awesome quesadillas. People also mention that the place serves up some delicious soups. What are you planning to order if you stop by Acapulco Burrito Mexican Restaurant?

What’s interesting to me is Olive Garden is #5 out of 68 restaurants in Antioch. Hey, Olive Garden is great, but let’s go with a more unique pick for this last one. It’s called Starwood Pizza, and its location is also on Old Hickory Boulevard. The pizza, wings and more served up at this restaurant are going to be so delicious.

The food at all of these restaurants is delicious. It’s time to discover what all there is to eat in Antioch. Is it time for pizza? Maybe it’s time for barbecue. Or perhaps you’ve already eaten, and you are looking for dessert from that bakery. Don’t forget the custom cakes for special occasions, and have a great dining out experience with your family in Antioch TN.