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See Baymax’s Anxious and Cool in “Big Hero 6”

Everyone must have different preferences in choosing the best-animated film. The reason is, each of the world’s leading animated films has a different appeal and concept to be presented. I think we can consider “Big Hero 6” as the best-animated film.

A super chubby-bodied robot, with great abilities and kind-hearted, anyone can immediately be infatuated with this animated film titled Big Hero 6. The animated film that came out in 2014 has the story of a young genius who lost his brother in an accident.

However, before being abandoned, the brother had created a robot named Baymax to protect the younger brother. Not unexpectedly if the creation of sophisticated robots has a greater role, namely to protect the world from terrorist attacks.

Assisted by his five colleagues, the main character with his robot tried his best to defeat the antagonist with a flashback of his flashback memories with his brother. Certainly, the viewers of this best-animated film will not feel bored despite watching it many times.

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