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Watch “Finding Dory” and Follow Her Adventure

Who has never watched an animated film with the main character clownfish and this Dori? Yes, Finding Nemo is an animated film that can be said to have many fans to date. Although released in 2003, the story and animation of the movie Finding Nemo will still be able to amaze viewers.

Starting from the storyline that makes the audience feel like going up and down like a rollercoaster, to the deepening of the right character, Finding Nemo deserves to be included as the world’s best-animated film. Finding Nemo also won various awards at prestigious events such as Academy Awards and also Saturn Awards.

The continuation of the animated film story continued in 2016 with a similar title, Finding Dory. This sequel is no less perfect than a plot and a message that can be conveyed to every audience. This is proof that the public interest in watching this epic animated film is still high.

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