Development of Animated Films from Time to Time

In 2018, fans of the film were shocked by the latest Spider-Man film which this time came out as an animated film. The film in question is Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse managed to provide a new experience for the audience with amazing visuals and animation techniques. In following the journey of the character of Miles Morales, the audience seemed to be invited to enter the world of comics and provide experiences that cannot even be achieved by live-action films. You can watch it on 123 movies.

Extraordinary visuals from this film are inseparable from the hard work behind the production process. It takes two years to produce an animation of ten seconds in accordance with the vision of the producer of the visual style to be achieved. This film also involved so many animators from around the country and even recruited 177 animators.

The development of animated films from time to time is not an instant process. Starting from the early 1900s there were many developments and changes that made animated films what they are.

– The Silent Era (1900 – 1930)
Before reaching the 20th-century humans actually had the principles of animation, although they have not been able to perfect it. From tools such as Thaumatrope, Phenakistoscope, Zoetrope, and Praxinoscope humans have played with the illusion of moving images. Only in the early 20th century did artists try to compete in perfecting animation techniques.

– The Golden Age (1930 – 1960)
Golden Age is a time when animated films get a lot of appreciation from the wider community. At this time the animated film began to come out of the black and white and use color. Short animated films also began to decline in demand because of the emergence of television.

– The American Television Era (1960 – 1980s)
The emergence of television forced the animation production houses to adapt and compete to make animated series on television. In this era, the two biggest animation channels were first established, Disney Channel in 1983 and Nickelodeon in 1977. Both of these channels became the pioneers who made animation a more widely known and developed animated series on television.

– Modern Era (1980 – present)
In the modern era, there was an animation revolution because of the emergence of computers that could create CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and replace traditional animation techniques. Traditional drawing techniques are diminished and replaced by three-dimensional animation. The ability of computers that can make 3D models that can be moved to dominate animated films until now.